Daisy Morton

Daisy Morton

Somerset, England, United Kingdom
Björk, Bianca Jagger
Artist Development, Music Industry Expert
150 credits / session

Hello Musician Friends,

I've helped manage the careers of Icelandic Singer Bjork and Artivist Bianca Jagger (Mick's first wife), working alongside artists in the process including Gucci's Artistic Director Alessandro Michele, Marina Abramovich + Vivienne Westwood.

I've worked on Bjork's virtual reality music-video exhibition world tour called Bjork Digital as well as on her live shows, DJ sets + live orchestral archive, and on Bianca Jagger's 'Arts for Human Rights' campaign in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.

I specialize in providing the 'missing piece of the puzzle' for a musician to excel in this ultra-competitive industry - acumen in strategy + positive psychology - skills already highly valued in sports and trained for by sports coaches.

I focus on helping you acquire + apply these skills that are needed *in addition to* technical mastery for realizing + sustaining your dreams via three pillars of knowledge, inspired by my own superstar mentors and rooted in psychological science:

Pillar 1. Innovation Savviness 
Pillar 2. Music Business Savviness 
Pillar 3. Success for the Long-haul Savviness
*Social Justice + The Arts Savviness can also be discussed on request pro bono.

By the end of our time together, you'll have an insider's understanding of how + why the music industry works the way it does, and strategic and psychological tools learned from today's superstars to navigate it with stealth and swagger.


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