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  • Title: Andrew "B Flat" Vega - City Lights
    Description: Diode Music presents: Andrew "B Flat" Vega - City Lights Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Vega Video by "The Good Ones" Dancer : Malén Guillén Moyá Follow us on instagram Andrew: @andrewbflatvega The Good Ones: @thegoodonesproductions Malén Guillén Moyá: @nikishory

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    Title: Awsome
    Description: I need help with a lot of things but i want to get better mixes and i also am looking for other marketing techniques

  • Title: utopia - mariana tereso (lyric video)
    Description: Hello! I would love to know an honest opinion about this song. I believe the production could be better made but I would like a professional's opinion on it. Thank you.

  • Title: UNDER THE SEA
    Description: Una visión del fondo del mar que tando deberíamos cuidar, donde hay más vida, si cabe, que en la superficie.

  • Title: El Tipo de la Esquina
    Description: Quien no tiene o ha tenido un o una vecin@ que parece vigilar a todo el vecindario...

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    Title: Used To Feel the Same Way
    Description: I recently paid for mixing and mastering on this song and I feel that this is not great quality and up to par to submit to music supervisors. I would like to know if my lyrics and vocals could be improved as well. I’m in need of professional critiques on the overall song.

  • Title: The Sand - Artificial
    Description: The second track from the new the sand album Melancholic Universe

  • Title: The Sand - Artificial
    Description: The second track from the new the sand album Melancholic Universe

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    Title: Khet - DIY

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    Title: California
    Description: Ganadora promoción win some love del concurso unsigned only music competition de EEUU 7000 canciones de 109 paises

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    Title: Believe
    Description: Primer single

  • Title: Youngsta
    Description: Story

  • Title: Freestyle
    Description: Freestyle

  • Title: Im on it
    Description: #719 mixtape

  • Title: Off top
    Description: #lost n found mixtape

  • Title: Im back
    Description: Bossmanchop v.s Bg chop mixtape

  • Title: Choppin it up in Florida
    Description: Bossmanchop v.s bg chop

  • Title: Emotionaly scared remake
    Description: Be heard by major labels

  • Title: Hype
    Description: Club banger 2-9-85 the mixtape i want to be heard and know that i am a raise unsigned artists who is trying to get sign

    Description: #Golden studio record#MVP studio Prod#NIABLE#COTE D'IVOIRE#FRENCH GAYANA#BLACKMAN#TEEMBJC#BLACJADRCEW#SEKT-INFEKT31#DL#SAFIALINSOLANTE https://youtu.be/iiKwOjr0Tp0 #rapinde#niable#teembjc#kemiseba#ensemblenouplibad


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