With a solid knowledge of trends, technology and marketing, our skilled, media-savvy and experienced team of professionals aim to steer the artist in the right direction in order to successfully achieve their career goals with a number of strategic methods.

Digital Marketing

  • Creation and coordination strategies for the development of the artist’s career.
  • Newsletters sent out to fans, press and professionals of the music industry.
  • Distribution of promotional material to media and general public.
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Social Media

    • Creation and coordination strategies to reach the right people at the right time.
    • Audience positioning and development connected to the artist.
    • Strategy plans based on the results of the most important social media sites.
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Creative Design

  • Personalized coaching and image creation.
  • Elaboration of an artist’s graphic materials (press kits, flyers, banners, etc).
  • Tailor-made web designs and developments.
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    • We design all channels to be uniform and then we upload your designs & optimize each platform.
    • We optimize your channels making it easier for you to be found.
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