Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Support for Mentors

Why should I use Melboss?

Melboss is a business platform to assist music executives. Music Executives receive everyday a massive amount of media and they are frustrated with the inefficiencies in their workflow.

Melboss makes life easier by letting artists access your attention and feedback in a democratic way.

Send us an email here so we can be in touch as we expand our growing community of Mentors.

Set your rates

Melboss understands and recognizes the central role you play in helping artists of all kinds with feedback and exposure.

We know that your time is limited and relevant. For that reason you are free to manage the requests you receive and accept that make you feel comfortable.

You set the terms and rate for your time and attention.

How To Mentor Effectively

Our goal is to give artists constructive and honest feedback. We ask our mentors to follow these guidelines when reviewing media on Melboss:

1) Sincerity

People have submitted media to you because they value your opinion and respect your work. Give your honest feedback, or quickly move on to a submission more worthy of your time.

1) Supportive

One of the best ways to help is with specific suggestions on something they can do to improve their career. If you feel their media is not for you, feel free to use the feedback form to refer them to someone who may be a better fit.

1) Fairness

If you don't like a submission there's nothing wrong with moving on quickly.

If you do stick around to collect the full fee, the submitter will be expecting to know why you liked or disliked their media. The quality of your feedback will be rated by the submitter.

Providing detailed, helpful feedback is the best way to ensure you receive high ratings and lots of future submissions and referrals.

Can I Invite my contacts to join Melboss?

On Melboss you can increase your requests by sharing your referral link with your contacts in the “Free Credits page".

With your referral link you can track the users that have accepted your invite. You'll get 5 credits for every first order made by a contact you referred.

How Can I Become A Mentor On Melboss?

If you're interested in joining our team as a Mentor send us an email: mentors@melboss.com

How Do Payments Work?

You can earn for your feedback and promotional advice if you have set a rate for your attention.

Enter your PayPal or bank information in the ‘Account’ section of your Melboss account.

Your funds will be sent to your bank account or PayPal as soon as your balance passes $50.

Is It Secure To Add My PayPal, Credit Card, and Bank Account Information?

All financial information is sent directly to Braintree’s PCI compliant data infrastructure using a secure request between your browser and their servers.

We never store or even receive any of your specific financial details on our servers.


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