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Jack Diaz

Jack Diaz


Los Angeles County, California, United States


Growing up in a musically inclined family setting, Jack Diaz developed a love and ear for music from a very young age. The first instrument she mastered was the clarinet, and went on to become a skilled guitarist, pianist, and vocalist. As a child she developed a love for Tchaikovsky and Steely Dan, and was intrigued by composers such as John Williams and James Horner. After graduating high school in Southern California, Jack studied in Sydney, Australia at the School of Creative Arts. She earned a certificate IV in songwriting and produced her EP titled ‘Jasmine Rice’ before she returned to the United States. Jacqueline was music supervisor and wrote original music for the film ‘Burnout’ which premiered at SXSW in 2014. She continues to explore her career as a solo artist working on an album set to release in 2016,

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