Congratulations to the winner of our opportunity, New York based, alternative, rock band - Ghostly Times! We received a number of submissions from very talented musicians. Thank you to all those who participated!

Record a song with 5-time nominated & 3-time Grammy Award winning producer, Marc Urselli at the Eastside Sound Studio in New York City. Melboss Music is looking for talented, emerging artists who are serious about their music career to win the opportunity to work on their music at a world-class music studio where well-known musicians such as, Toni Braxton, Christina Milian, and Flo Rida made their biggest hits. The Eastside Sound Studio is the absolute most versatile studio in New York city. It includes 6 iso booths + a live room, Steinway piano & a fully automatable totally recallable 100% ANALOG console. Some of Marc Urselli's many credits include, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Sting, Joss Stone, John Zorn, Les Paul, Lila Downs, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Mike Patton. To enter, Melboss is asking you to upload an example of your work. Be it recorded through the use of a pair of headphones or in a high end studio, we are happy to hear it and will choose our winners based on talent and NOT on the quality of the recordings. So, take a few minutes, record something on your phone and get it over to us, everything and anything is considered! All competition entrants will automatimatically qualify for a 15%** discount on their first recording session. How to enter the contest: - If you're not already a Melboss member, register and create a profile at melboss.com - Enter the Opportunity and submit an original song to the contest - Contest runs from the 27 of November to the 26 of January - Winner will be announced on the 19 of February *The free session must be redeemed within 3 months of winning the competition *The recording session is a total of 4 hours.. 2 hours of recording and 2 hours of mixing **The 15% discount must be redeemed within 2 months of entering the competition


Type: Contest

Start submissions: 2017-11-26

Application deadline: 2018-01-25

Fee / Price: 0 CREDITS


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