Talent Manager Daisylydia is looking for UK artists and musicians.

Talent Manager Daisylydia is looking for indie artists in the UK to help to develop their career in music industry. She has been an Artist Manager for Icelandic Singer Björk and Artivist Bianca Jagger, working alongside Artists including Gucci's Artistic Director Alessandro Michele and Vivienne Westwood's crew. She has a unique panoramic understanding of being a working-Artist - having also been a musician herself. Drawing from her Artist Manager panoramic, Daisylydia specialises in boosting an Artist’s industry prowess to help you make the transition from being a musician - to an Artist, focusing on artist development, marketing and image, promotion, funding + goal-setting.
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Application Period: 17 December 2021 – 16 January 2022.


If not already a Melboss user, register and complete a profile here at melboss.com Users must have the following uploaded to their profiles before entering the opportunity:

  • Photos of the artist or band
  • Videos of the artist or band
  • Biography


After completing the profile, users MUST apply on this page, uploading the song they want to be considered. Users who do not upload a song will not be entered into the competition.

  • The contest is open to all indie artists from UK.
  • Daisy Morton will select one winner for this opportunity. 
  • The winner will receive a 30 minutes 1-1 mentoring session with Daisylydia Morton.
  • The deadline for submissions is January 16th.
  • The winner of the opportunity will be announced on June 21th. 
  • Important: All the people who will send their application will be entitled to a 25% discount for 3 months in the Premium Melboss Services (Discount valid only for new customers).


Type: Mentoring Session

Start submissions: 2021-12-16

Application deadline: 2022-01-16

Fee / Price: 5 CREDITS


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