Joey Peters

Joey Peters

Los Angeles County, California, United States
Some of these trailer credits include: Lucy, Jack The Giant Slayer, Out OF The furnace, Killing Them Softly, Wolverine, and Thor.
Composing, Production, Film Scoring
250 credits / session

Joey Peters

Critically acclaimed drummer/percussionist, producer/composer, Joey Peters writes, produces, scores and performs for TV, film, trailers and commercial campaigns. His attention to detail is dynamic, his musicality drives the visual.

Running his successful music company for over 15 years, Joey has honed his skills at multi-tasking. He’s overseen all aspects of music production from inception to deliver and the magic that must occur in-between. He has a proven business acumen and an ease around musicians that instills confidence in his clients. The business side of running his company is a large part of what he enjoys about his work.

Having created a niche market of unique hybrid percussive cues, these cues are used consistently in trailers. Some of these credits include: Red Dawn, Lucy, Jack The Giant Slayer, Out OF The furnace, Killing Tehm Softly, Wolverine, Thor, A-Team, Safe, Contraband, Bourne Legacy, House At the End of the street, Looper, Die Harder, Taking Pelham 123, Terminator Salvation, Armored, Bangkok Dangerous, Beowulf, The Brave One, War, Planet of the Apes, Lost and Apocalypto.

His national and internationally running commercial campaigns span the gamut from quirky pop songs to emotional score and include spots for Victoria’s Secret, Lexus, Coke, Gillette, Toyota, Haagen-Dazs, Honda, Panasonic, Old Navy, Sony, Sure, Nikon, Verizon and Camry.

Some TV credits include: True Blood, Entourage,, Unsung, American Gangster and an ongoing collaboration on the Google talk show Capture with Photographer Mark Seliger. At the end of 2012, Joey created two insane percussive trailer collections: “Drums of Fury” Vol.1&2 for Hi-Finesse and Strike Slip Fault for Chroma. Both dark Industrial sound design hybrids. And is currently writing and producing a number of independent artist’s, focusing on modern pop and rock songs for film and TV.

Joey’s seminal band of many years, for which he was drummer/percussionist, Grant Lee Buffalo (GLB), released four CD’s on Warner Brothers (1992-1999) and toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. GLB played with REM, The Cranberries, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins as well as headlined its own tours. GLB contributed songs for film and television: Friends (NBC), I Know What You Did Last Summer (Columbia/ Tristar) With Honors (Warner Studios), and Velvet Goldmine (Zenith/Single Cell/Killer Films) and is reuniting for a European tour, summer 2011, kicking off with a show at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Joey is also musical director and drummer for band, Rusty Truck, that toured with Willie Nelson, and Kenny Wayne Shepard. Rusty Truck’s debut CD includes tracks produced by Willie Nelson, Lenny Kravitz, Jakob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, T-Bone Burnett, and Gillian Welch. Rusty Truck has been featured on the Don Imus show, MTV Brazil and the Jimmy Kimmel show. The new Rusty Truck CD, set for release, spring 2013, features a beautiful collection of alternative country songs; the core band of the last decade is rounded out with some fantastic players: Eric Haywood, Ray La Montagne, Craig Ross and Lenny
Kravitz. Rusty Truck will play a number of dates in 2013 including TV appearances. Keep updated at rustytruckmusic.com.

For the last 7 years I have served as a mentor for students for Recording Connection, Joey lends a first hand experience of the music industry with in-studio instruction and coaching. In this capacity, I lead, instruct and coach the students through the ropes of the industry, writing and producing music, scoring to picture and help them launch their own careers.

In spring 2013, Joey was invited to sit on a panel with Adam Taylor from APM and KCRW DJ, Chris Douridas at SXSW discussing composing for music libraries. Summer 2013 sees him on the road with the Rusty Truck CD released on iTunes, an appearance on the Don Imus TV show and joining John Hyatt for a string of west coast dates. He will also be touring with Grant Lee Buffalo and Todd The Wet Sprocket for a lively bunch of outdoor summer concerts.


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