Richard Harris

Richard Harris

Los Angeles County, California, United States
Trailer/promos for The NFL, HBO, AT&T, and Fox TV are among a few of the highlights.
Songwriting, Production, Artist Development
215 credits / session

Richard is a #1 Billboard songwriter, producer, artist, and mentor. Transplanted from the UK over a decade ago to LA, Richard quickly signed a staff-writer publishing deal with Peer Music landing multiple major label song cuts all around the world. With several #1's, top ten singles, and Platinum and Gold records, he continues to have hits including two #1 Billboard dance singles.
Richard has landed hundreds of TV, Film, and Ad song placements through Peer and the major music libraries he has composed for. Hit shows including "Empire", "Nashville", “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Bold Type”, “The Rookie”, “Good Trouble”, "One Tree Hill", movies "This Means War" and "Single Moms Club", commercials for TJ Maxx, eBay and Vivo and trailer/promos for The NFL, HBO, AT&T, and Fox TV are among a few of the highlights.
Richard is also a songwriting mentor and recently launched SongWriterCamps (www.songwritercamps.com) with long-time collaborator, Pam Sheyne.

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