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Our AI Companion provides expert tips, creative recommendations, and assistance to guide you in promoting your music professionally. From preparing social media captions that really click with your audience to designing stunning cover artworks, our AI Companion feature is here to support you every step of the way, just like a manager would do.
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Tips & Recommendations

Get personalized advice for your music promotion, anytime you need it. Our AI Companion works around the clock, analyzing your data and progress to help you make smart decisions and stay ahead in the music game.

Cover Artwork

Just give our AI Tools a few prompts, and you'll get professional-quality artwork that matches your music's style and branding.


With the help of our AI Companion, generate impactful captions that capture the essence of your music and click with your fans.
Benefits & Hacks

Enhance Your Music Presence with AI Benefits

Actionable advice

Act on the advice given by your AI manager to see tangible improvements in your promotional efforts.

Consistent Messaging

Brand Alignment

Efficiency Boost

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