Your new plan to succeed in music

The AI-powered music manager that will get you |

Get the most important streaming and social metrics
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We've got you covered! Here's how:

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    Follow your exclusive music plan

    Get a personalized plan to make you stand out on social media.

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    Get to know your fans

    Find out who your fans are and where are they listening to you from.

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    Maximize time

    Enjoy extra time by having AI tools handle content creation for you.

The formula to reach the people that will love your music.

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    Stay organized

    Stay on top of things with clear and organized tasks.

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    Manage your Social Media

    Instantly post to all of your social media accounts with just one click.

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    Get expert support

    Access advertising recommendations to expand your reach easily.

Your growth insights in one place.

All of your numbers, in one place. Plus, tips and recommendations adapted to your momentum to keep your fans interested and growing.

AI is now your ally.

AI to fill in your marketing gaps: inspiration, content generation, artwork design, all incorporated.