Access the smartest music plan ever.

Your AI manager will create for your single a completely customized plan for your single based on information you’ve shared in several sections of the platform:
  • Elevate your music career with a tailor-made plan that considers your location, years of experience, and music genre.
  • Maximize your impact: your AI Manager analyzes your performance across different platforms to prioritize the most effective actions.
  • Launch your musical journey! Define key details like your next hit’s name, release date, promotional assets, target areas, communication style, and preferred platforms. Get ready to shine!
Melboss Music - Insights

Key features to complete your music release plan successfully

Task cards

Break down every step with clear, detailed instructions. Each card tells you exactly what to do, how hard it is, and the skills you'll need to get it done.

Direct posting

Post directly to your social media right from your task cards. It's quick, easy, and efficient.

AI tools

Need catchy captions? Done. Stunning cover art? No problem. Our AI tools have you covered, making your posts look and sound amazing.

Journey Card

You’ll have the big picture of how your career and plan is going: your progress, the stage of release you’re in, plus all the relevant data of your song so you stay on track.
Benefits & Hacks

Key Advantages of the Smart Music Plan

A strategy made just for you and your music

Get a promotional plan that fits you like a glove. Tailored to your location, experience, and music genre, the plan aligns perfectly with your needs and goals.

A plan based on momentum.

Your resources used as efficiently as possible

Expert Guidance

Budget Optimization

Instant execution

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