Manuel Alejandro

How we doubled his fanbase in one month

The challenge

Many have sung along to the songs of Manuel Alejandro without truly knowing the artist behind the music. The challenge we faced was to place the composer front and center, highlighting his profound impact on Latin music across generations. Additionally, we aimed to fill the gap between his work and younger audiences.

Our main task was amplifying the voice of Manuel Alejandro's songs in the digital universe. The project required Melboss to activate contemporary formats and narratives to perpetuate his legacy, ultimately bringing him closer to newer generations.

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Our strategy

Our team kicked things off by leveraging the popularity of the singers that Manuel Alejandro had worked with over the years to show off the impact of his legacy. This involved sharing performances of artists with a fresh and modern twist in the way we presented the content. We also curated all the press that celebrated his extensive career and handpicked snippets from prime-time TV shows where they highlighted his notable compositions.

Our goal? To expand his fanbase, engage them with meaningful content, shine a light on his musical legacy, and ultimately, use this impact to enhance his communication channels and continue building his brand.Finally, we ensured Manuel Alejandro's online presence was closely linked to offline events. When Rosalía performed 'Se nos rompió el amor' at the Latin Grammy, we capitalized on this milestone by creating a series of captivating clips, making sure the moment got as much visibility as possible. Spot on!

We put in motion the following actions to get started:
  • An audit of the artist's digital presence
  • 360 digital marketing plan to build a solid online presence for the artist
  • Engaging content to captivate fans and potential fans organized in an editorial calendar
  • Fresh and modern graphic and audiovisual content for his social media
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns to amplify the artist’s message and brand
  • Curated playlisting plan to include his songs in themed playlists to further boost the reach of his music.
  • Updates and insights to track progress and secure success

The results

Our team's initial efforts proved to be effective and made an impact on Manuel Alejandro's social media profiles. From then on, we identified the top-response practices and consistently optimized them to grow exponentially while ensuring traction among the targeted audiences.

A strategic content curation, combined with collaborative promotion dedicated to his most famous performers, provided an unparalleled boost of visibility. Word of mouth and views grew exponentially. After 3 months, Manuel Alejandro's fanbase has tripled and his online presence has been raised to new heights.
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Manuel Alejandro is a legendary Spanish composer, regarded as the most prolific of his generation, with a successful career spanning over six decades. His signature can be found on hundreds of legendary songs in the realm of Latin music, including classics such as ‘Como yo te amo’, ‘Se nos rompió el amor’, ‘Ese hombre’, ‘Lo mejor de tu vida’, ‘Si tú te atreves'... He has collaborated with renowned artists like Raphael, Rocío Jurado, Julio Iglesias, Isabel Pantoja, Jeanette, and El Puma, among many others.


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