Reigniting a legendary band

The challenge

Reigniting the fervor of their loyal followers, while captivating younger audiences. Melboss had to find a balance between nostalgia and innovation, a journey that required honoring their past while embracing the narratives of today, perpetuating their legacy for generations to come.

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Our strategy

We created a strategy that blended tradition with innovation. Our years of experience led us to understand which platforms were key in the strategy and which content would impact fans the most.

In order to connect with the traditional audience, our formula was to create ad campaigns celebrating Mecano’s journey and appealing to the ‘nostalgia’ factor. These ads were activated on those platforms the target audience used the most and led fans directly to Mecano’s digital music platforms, boosting streams and followers immediately.

Simultaneously, we introduced Mecano’s songs to a younger audience through a platform they use on a daily basis: TikTok. We orchestrated a narrative based challenge, inviting users to create mashups of three legendary songs from Mecano's debut album.
  • An audit of the band’s digital presence
  • 360 digital marketing plan to build a solid online presence for the band
  • Engaging content to captivate current and potential fans organized in an editorial calendar, with a strong focus on TikTok
  • Fresh and modern graphic and audiovisual content for the campaign
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns to amplify the band’s promotion
  • Creator Marketing to reach new audiences
  • Updates and insights to track progress and secure success

The results

Our team’s multi-faceted approach aimed not only to make Mecano's music relevant in contemporary pop culture but also to forge a lasting connection between the band and a segment previously unfamiliar with their work.

The campaign generated massive engagement, with videos reaching millions of views. Positive comments and mentions of Mecano flooded in, and the challenge's shares extended its reach beyond TikTok, creating a viral impact.

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In Spanish music history, there is a phenomenon known as Mecano. Their melodies were the soundtrack to entire generations, moving through the 80s and 90s with an unparalleled resonance. Melboss received a special request: a promotional campaign to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mecano’s first album.


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